All these things that I have done
The hours I have spent
Lookin' for something to run to
To cover my head
The rain came down in sheets of razors
Cuttin' my face and blockin' my way
It was impossible to see the angel
That was starin' at me

If you could stand tall with me
(What are we fightin' for?)
We have to believe
(It was setting us up for more)
So much more than we could know
Was waitin' just down the road
If you could stand tall with me

Someone said you were the one
Who comes to every man
When his back's against the wall
And his money's all been spent
And it's time to fan the flame
Or never to walk this way again
Will I be the one to rise above
Lord am I strong enough?

It doesn't matter what we say
It only matters what we do
Move fast this flesh and blood
See what's inside of you
I need to know

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