This is a heart
That used to feel the joy of waking.
I was thankful for each flower
every tree.
These are eyes that used to see each new day breakin',
and believe it was a gift from God to me.

I have felt these things inside,
with you by my side.
Since you've gone and left me,
everything beautiful has died.


Come back home
Oh baby, come back home
Everything that I've been living for
is gone, is gone.
Darling won't you come back home

I don't know, I don't know
What I did to make you leave girl.
I've relived every moment,
every single word I've said.
If you love someone more than me, he's a thief,
He's taken happiness, left me emptiness instead.


I don't know what I'm gonna do
Come back, Come back
Hey Hey, Hey Hey,

I'm no poet, no philosopher of logic
I can hardly make my feelings conversation

Oh no...cause you control my thoughts and my body
The pain, the pain of losin' you
makes even livin' hard to do.


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