The red headed stranger from Blue Rock Montana rode into town one day
And under his knees was a raging black stallion and lopin' behind was a bay
The red headed stranger had eyes like the thunder his lips that were sad and tight
His little lost love lay asleep on the hillside his heart was heavy as night

Don't cross him don't boss him he's wild in his sorrow he's ridin' and hidin' his pain
Don't fight him don't spite him just wait till tomorrow maybe he'll ride on again
[ guitar ]
A yellow haired woman leaned out of her window watched as he passed her way
She drew back in fear at the sight of the stallion but cast greedy eyes on the bay
But how could she know that this dancing bay pony meant more to him than life
For this was the horse his little lost darlin' was ridden when she was his wife

The yellow haired lady came down to the tavern looked up the stranger there
He bought her a drink and he gave her some money he just didn't seem to care
She followed him out as he saddled his stallion and laughed as she grabbed at the bay
But he shot her so quick they had no time to warn her she never heard anyone say

Don't cross him don't boss him...
[ guitar ]
They buried the yellow haired woman at sunset the stranger went free of course
Cause you can't hang a man for shootin' a woman who's a tryin' to steal your horse

Don't cross him don't boss him...

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