You know what?
You're such a perfect lover,
And baby you can do better with me,
But you stand by me like a soldier,
Sweet loving until,
That's right baby!
Set me up on a pedestal,
Still love me more,
It's a mystery why I'm so lucky,
I keep trying to figure it out!

Tell me how can you love me so much, girl?
Put up with all of the crazy things that I do
How can you love me so much, baby?
I can always count on you.

I think you're trying to tame me,
Yes, you are!
But I don't think you gonna change me no,
The same...
I'm so unpredictable,
Your love is so unconditional for me.
I wanna know why!


I recall so many days,
... my selfish ways,
But you remained just as beautiful,
You never, ever change,
Your love is strong,
It goes on and on.

Girl, put your weights on my shoulders,
I'll carry, that's what good lovers do!
I'll have a... in pleasing for you,
Girl tonight, this is all about you.

[Chorus x2]

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