When the Night Is Darkest
Open Up Your Mind
Dream Begins It's Becoming Clearer
Listen to the Distant
Listen and You'll Find
A Midnight Train Is Getting Nearer


Starlight Express
Starlight Express
Are You Real? Yes Or No
Starlight Express
(Please) Answer Me Yes
I Don't Want You to Go

Take Me to the Places
I Have Never Been
Bring Me Home Safely Before I Wake Up
'coz I Believe in You Completely
Though You May Be Unseen
This Is Not a Kind of Thing That Anyone Can Make Up

(Repeat Chorus)


You're in Need of Bigger World
To Help You
If You Grow On World Deeds
Dip It Inside

(Repeat Chorus)

...my Starlight Express
Please Answer Me Yes
I Don't Want You to Go

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