It passed through me into you
Used our blood as the glue
Their hands pulled me into the earth
Where I laid until they figured my worth
Then they moved on to you
Said that we would have to do
The words fell from my mouth
And stained our new ground
And I called out to you
But you told me you were through
And we'd meet again once the voices were gone

I woke up near the sea
With the sky bruised over scrap metal ground
And all the distant ships were sinking
And I wondered how you were

And as the sun burned my skin
I watched you swimming
And as your body drifted in
I sat and told you everything
About how I climbed on everything that they used to tear us on down
And all of the air we breathed just helped me choke a little more down
Now this is where we are

The sky is spinning around, around
We'll grind our teeth from the sound, the sound
We'll watch the spectators drown, oh, they'll drown
While I dig through the bones of all this
And find all the things our heads missed
And strap them across my scraped fists
Like using a crane to scratch an itch
One that never goes away

And all of the world will drink as the clouds come pouring on down
And we'll dream of distant things while they strap our legs to ground
'cause this is where we are
Yeah, this is where we are

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