While you slept it off,
Your empire was lost
Now we're not your sons
And your old silver tongue
It don't work too well now

We wandered off
With our heads nice and soft
But we were still numb
And we burned in the sun
It got torn to pieces

I rub the grass from off my eyes
And scratch my name into the sky
The things beneath my floor once lied
I'll never let them out
And all my teeth (teeth) are now at my feet (feet)
And all of the blood
It comes in a flood
Start counting sheep

Then I fall asleep again
I find myself a-wonderin'
Are forests made of skeletons of people I once knew
And all their spines (spines) are perfectly aligned (aligned)
Like coal powered lines
Or forks silver tines
Now I'm out again

We left the ground
And I floated off
And got lost
Now this ain't my home
There's no warmth in these bones
Just a mark-up to help me pretend I'm sleeping

While we slept it off
All the money was lost
Now we can't stand up
Yeah the lead in our guts
It just weighs us down now
We'll crawl along
Despite what goes wrong
Cause we're not that young
Takes more than your guns to scare us off now.

*unintelligible garble of words right here*

Our feet left the ground
And I floated off
And got lost
Now my house is far below
It's buried in snow
And I can't see my footprints anymore, they're too small
I drift through the clouds
With my heart in my mouth
I'm not stopping
Now the earth is far behind
I'm lost in the sky
With my eyes closed, I'm just waiting for my air to run out

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