Woke up cold and the room was dark
Just some light from the moon
Felt your breath on my neck and it made me homesick
I don't mind if it's all in my head
My mind was built for lies
And your laugh sounds like glass, and it cuts right through me

Dreaming is not a one way process

You wanted problems? You got 'em
You got enough to break down anyone
You want to prove that you're the tough kind
But no one asks to be a martyr; it just happens to you
You say we've got it wrong, that you're different
Well, call it what you want, it's same difference
You bit off more than you can chew with this
Now we're calling in the debt
No matter if it sinks you

Daylight breaks and the world looks bent
Like I've got shotglass eyes
Pick me up, fix my tie, roll me toward the cliffside
I don't mind if I fall this time
My knees were built for scabs
And my hands meet demands just when no one's asking

Dreaming is not a one way process

We woke just before the dawn, got dressed up among birdsong
Then crossed that eternal lawn
Our heads were pointed skyward, and the sun, it warmed our backs
And we wandered, not really knowing where it all would end
We walked 'til the sun went down, walked straight toward that violent sound
The waves threw their weight around
And it all felt so simple, like we knew just how to be
And we smiled, 'til the waves came and dragged us out to sea

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