Why must it come to this
You disown me with a kiss
Another number on your list
Guess that's me

But old girl, what have I done
Another fool blind by the sun
Which way shall I run

Look out moma, I can't see straight
Just woke up, it's getting late
And I'm as full of hate as I used to be

And in the hour my demise
I'll recall your empty eyes
You know I died the day you set me free

But what good is living for
When there's no knock on the door
No shelter from the war raging sea

If you comfort me till dawn
I'd sing your lonesome song
Pack my things, I'll be gone

But with you high heels and your mace
You tell me I'm out of place
Rip my eyes out of my face
With these

And if I had one inch of pride
You took that too when you said goodbye
You know I died the day you set me free

Well I dreamt of you last night
And I woke to hate my life
Good God I'm sick of sight
Can't you see

But I must remain composed
Beneath the trembling of the rose
But you left me so exposed

Who knows what is right or wrong
I'll paint your death and carry on
No I don't belong, that's plain to see

I guess I take your stress in stride
The hill is steep, the water's wide
You know I died the day you set me free

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