You're on your own now, we're tired of lending hands
A new agenda, it cuts you from all our plans
So get in line boy, and keep that mouth of yours closed
i'll need opinions, just work them hands to bones

We stood in places, watched us tear us apart
cut us open, and ripped out all our parts
but we kept quiet, we let them have their way
We made our point by having nothing to say

We all broke up right on cue
We'll take you down with us too

Better jump ship, this bastard is sinking fast
nothing to save here
our word has all but passed,
the muddy waters are slippin it in through the grass
the ship, the ship, the ship is sinkin, the ship, the ship, the ship is sinkin

We sit on our hands and watched it all fall no one thinks that I I I I I
theres not much worth saving
just lots of buildings
we concrete the blue skies

and you came and picked us up
you combed our hair, and made us look like people
and we learned to feed ourselves again
we built some homes and filled them full of clones
but we wont wait till you get back
we'll be gone long before you arive
we were never built to last
but we'd like to tell ya
thanks for the good times, it was nice to have known ya
we'll all be just fine, and we'll try to like ya
we appreciate the lies, but were done believing you

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