Tearing down every wall
Bear your burden, conquer all
Striving to never die


Climbing the peak of fame
'Til everybody calls your name
A myriad of voices cry


Your struggle knows no end
Your alone without a friend
Setting your goal too high


Yours is victory
Going down in history
And like a star to shine

Do you realize
you've taken on that task that is far too great
The pressure grows
but now it's much too late
And you recall
the easy loving life that you left behind
You can't control
the whirlpools in you mind

In your timeless world
your pulse beats fast, takes on an endless race
You try to find a value for yourself

But the way is too long
Your toil is getting harder with every step
Confusion rules:
Your spirit's fighting back

timeless world
and you recall
the way is too long
pressure grows

Going on
means going far
Going far
means returning

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