say, is it really true
that the flame of hope has grown?
that the spirit has changed
that the few no longer stand alone?

say, is it really true
that the thought of war's lost it's meaning?
that self-made devils died
the idols of wealth and power are sinking?

the coldest night's finally followed by dawn
an outburst of light
that cures the blind
a strong conviction has evolved in time
that life demands deeds we must define

say, is it really true
that once buried virtues now arise?
that the being itself no longer asks for a disguise?

a power that's been neglected, denied
now blossoms and grows, calls out the best
at last the change of an era has come
but there won't be much time to rest

say, is this strength I feel within heart and mind the truth?
or am I deceived once again, painfully abused

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