We are the shadows
We are the light
We are the water
Matter alive

We are the creature
Wearing the crown
Reign in confusion
In chaos we drown

Lost in a labyrinth of never ending doubts
Always taking shelter behind threatening violent clouds

Close to the edge of
Crushing destruction
Hearts in despair
Awaiting the crash

Headless and blind to
Saving solutions
Drifting around
Approaching the fall

Over the ages we’ve always been searching the way
But all our trials in vain, our aims betrayed

Now I’m here
At the gateways to a fate unclear
All that remains is to find
A refuge inside
Deep in ourselves
We will find the way to the secret door
That leads to the freedom of mind
We have long waited for

Hear, see, feel - signals of your inner force
Hear, feel, breathe - spiritual energy, immortal and eternally

Here where we breathe
Where there is no hope nor real beliefs
Here where we live in fear
Of a fate unclear

Here, abandoned alone
In the tempest of time
No one heeds our cries
Here we try to survive
Finding shelter inside

See, feel, hear - follow your voice inside
See, hear, feel - trust its wisdom, heed the call
Trust its guidance you won’t fall

Ignore the demons at your side
Find deliverance deep inside
Trust the faith, your inner guide

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