How many times we tried in vain to find out who we are and where we go
Not able to reveal the secret of our life
Still waiting for an answer since so long ago
A latent mystery still persists far in eternity
Will we ever find a way for us to see
Will we ever reach the day we find the key

Will we ever realize
The secret of eternity
Living in a paradise
Somewhere in infinity

From afar a call
Reaching our ears
Sweeping through our minds
Dissipate our fears

Eternal rays of light penetrate the darkness, space and time, lending energy
Deep inside we feel a mystic force sent from infinity
We wonder why our hearts are pounding, why we breathe, why we feel joy and pain
The hidden secret of all life awaiting patiently
'Til the day we finally see it all
'Til the day of revelation just a latent call

Search the meaning of all life
It's secret, what it means to be
Try beside your worldly strife
To unveil a mystery
Lost in endless trails of time beyond the night
Turn the darkness in our minds
Into the brightest light

Will we ever break the seal
Of universals secrecy
Latent, deep inside we feel
It's immortal energy
The answer we are longing for since ancient times
Guarded by the safe embrace of eternity

We're gliding through the ages since ancient times
Scared by uncertain fates
In a labyrinth obscured
Still blind in the dark

Dormant forces deep inside
Latent and eternally
The omnipresent guides
To intuitions mystery
The heartbeat of all life, rhythms divine
Pounding endlessly 'til the end of time

We are prisoners of time
Always searching the light in the dark
Life and fate predefined in eternity

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