Hear you … talking to me, talking to me … like a dissonant chord
In a minor key on your buffalo strings …. all hand tuned
To the ice cream man and a … symphony

Been about, been about 50 years … Even 4 hundred 52
I could've loved you longer could've loved you blue

Our friends have all made their own way
Some are gone, some are here to stay
The boy's all grown we heard from him today
And your green eyes are looking at me
Yeah your gray eyes are just tryin to see,
just tryin to see

Hear me… talking to you, talking to you … Another summer come
Like a bucket of rain and the daily news… I got a story
Of a couple of lovers who… made it through

Pretty little pockets they are full
Of every little thing I ever gave to you and I love it

Well you gave to me like a giving tree
Fruit so sweet I go swingin' free on your branches
Look at the time
Are you look…. Looking at the season
Just about dawn baby soon we'll be leavin'
Been about … been about 50 years … Even 4 hundred 52
We go on livin cause we don't know what else to do

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