Well you had it all along
Some days you still don't know you got it
Singing songs to the middle of the bottle
a little drunk, not nearly drunk enough
but you're fallin' down, down.. anyhow

Children they will come and go
always learning, how to be adults
but they get it down, down… somehow

In the middle of your pride
a cryin' hole the size of lot 49
standing inside,
Dr. Hubris with his vile of turpentine
and pours it down, down
your aching throat of lies
well you keep it down, down
with some sugar and some time

By the time you get to San Narcisco
You still won't have a clue
cryin' in your hat
over something that was never owed to you
but you got it down, down… anyhow

Well you had it all along
just remember that you got it
singin' songs and you're singin' songs
just remember that you had it all along
yeah you got it down, down… somehow

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