Now here's a little story!
My dad told!
His greatest life secret!

In this world
Where everything's been said
What can I come up with every line sounds the same
So I try to write it down
Some words come out
Bigger then others
Cause I think too far ahead

You can't see!
Cause I can see!
Better then!
I see my own!

Attraction gets the best of me
My thoughts are accident-prone
But you're too wrong for me
You left me alone with bedroom photos
Left to cure the cuts

Drowned under
These false hopes
That numbs your bones
Drowned under
Make way for!
Way for

Cut me up, Eddie!
Cut me up!
Just like your bush!
Cut me up!
Start with my hair!
Cut it off!
Then off my tattoos1
Strip them!
She made me so plain!
So I'll dress the part!
Dress it!
She put out my spark!
Put out my...

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