Sometimes you imagined that I would be quiet
And that you would win with your lies!
And that in the time of course I would forget
Everytime you listen to this you`ll remember
That one day you could have been my friend
But at this time the truth it appear
Anger is left in my mind about everything
No escape
From your world
Your small life
Your greed
Demonstrating your own immaturity
Lacerating your connections with all
When you thought you could be smart
Enough to live it all behind
Locked in a small vicious circle
Of envy, lies and horrible power
Leaned on false visions of glory
Thankfully the gates are closed forever
Nailing my truths
Everytime you listen you remember
That one day you use to be my frien
But at this time the truths it appears
Anger is left in my mind for you
Everything is now clear to me
When I reard your last words
But I am sure that you know
Much more of my life than anyone
I don't know everything about your life
And I won't get any good from me
Based on illusions and victories
Hell is packed with the weak
Nailing my truths

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