We are free to judge the acts of stupid people
And we have the power to hurt with our ideas
We struggle go to be free, but few of us really want
In the eyes of some you can see the desire to be
Stay sppiting in your face
Stay sppiting... in your face
But soon this dies / We make it worth our rights /
without regrets
I stay... spitting... in your face
I'm free
I'm still alive
I will never stop
Live second as whole lifes
Your time is up / Your time is fucked
I hate this society
Do you understand this?
Enough tolerance
I want true respect
If you don't believe
Or don't give a shit
I don't want this
and I'll never need
What we want / we struggle for it
You speak masked words
Made by lies
To deceive yourself
To deceive yourself
Stay sppiting!!

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