You ask the significance of being
of being and you got lost
in the way
A moment of praise
we find in hurting each other
Tainted smile indicates
your position

Tie the pieces of memories you lost
together. You draw a loop in
a heart running short
Untie a tangle thread
and talk about tomorrow
Step on the stretching shadow
and talk about tomorrow

Who did you put out for?
You rise for the future
Bring time into your mouth
Ears not necessary Your eyes won't
reflect your heart anymore. Look down
and wish for the sequel to dream
Sequel to dream that you can pass out

"When the time comes..."say the voice
A shaking voice just before the last scene
Shoulder the great ideology just like
carving those words on the heart

Take it back, give it, use it
and render pointless
What's repeated are the philosophy
I've already learned
I wish for another hapiness
It brings despair and arguments at the
same time You said that you
can't come back are gone
A blast blows me out

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