Accidental meeting, winter's evening

We both try to get warm

I welcome your glance, that I caught just by chance

As you silently stand by the door

Your clothing never matches, you have a style all your

And your bag is laced with patches you sewed on at

You reach for your book as a man reads o?r your

The words are so inviting now but will they still have
meaning when you?re older


?So you like reading?, I think to myself

As I lock eyes with you once again

You seem to get lost in the black on the page

Each word brings you closer to the end


I have no idea who you are

No way of knowing where you?ve been

But I?ve been building you in my head

And you?re perfect

A pen appears, from your pocket

To highlight some words that caught your eye

And in the margin you write

And then go on to explain why

I glance down at the bottom of the page

And see the word ?Sabbath? in the corner

?So you like religion?, I think to myself

And discretely move my way towards you

Your glasses reflect the words on the page

Or possibly just translate the thoughts in your head

The letters are backwards and hard to understand

That?s why thoughts are unspoken, we think them


I hear you mutter under your breath

Possibly changed by the words you have seen

Although we will sleep in different beds

I?ll wake with the thought of you next to me



You have me mesmerized

Buried deep within your eyes

I can?t get my mind off you

I want to see into your soul

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