Turnstile rotates once again
Is it the end of the day or just the beginning
Climb on to the crowded train
Going home again, the night is dark and still

Peer across the way
And as if by fate I see a girl
A girl who looks so sweet and pure
I swear I've seen her before, on the first day of the world

And start to imagine, a love with such passion
It takes my breath away, it takes my breath away
And I know I'd never leave her but it's the last time I'll see her
So even though she'll never be my wife, she will never know
Fie minutes on the train was all it took to change my life

I can see a home
And a love that's grown, beyond my wildest dreams
Children running in the yard
Getting in the car, listening to their playful screams

I stare into her eyes
Still get butterflies every time she looks at me
Colors fading in our hair
But we don't care, all we need are our dreams



Oh I can see my life go by through the window of the train
But I don't recognize it cuz I'm looking straight ahead
So much time is over and yet so much still remains
So what if I went home with her instead?


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