How long should I have waited
Before I fell in love with you
How long till my heart breaks again
How long my friend
How many nights could I have wasted
Dreaming of a girl who's not like you
When will it be over again
How long till the end

Well I'm not the kind of guy who
Who will stand idlely by and
Watch while what he wants most in life gets swept away and
I'm not the kind of man who
Who will pretend he can do anything for love I mean I will
But for how long

How far, girl, does your love go
Is it the kind to last all time
Or will it soon come to an end
And leave my heart to mend

Now I have to be honest
I see me growing old with you
I'd get lost in your love for all time
If you would be mine

I want to get lost in your sparkling eyes
I want to laugh with you forever
Pull on my heart strings even tighter now
Just make sure we can be together
How true, girl, is this feeling
The one my heart dreams of at night
If I can only see you in my dreams
I'd sleep for all my life

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