I don't wanna work anymore
I just wanna live instead
Everyone is saying I'm all grown up
I've come a long way but I'm not there yet

Where did the summer go
I was just hitting my stride
It's this insanity
Takes me along for the ride

And I swam the oceans and the seven seas
Knowing that fate would strike eventually
You gotta hit rock bottom if you wanna come out on top

Where did the winter go
I just got used to the cold
And it’s this maturity
Keeps me from getting too old
And I saw a snow fall on a thousand towns
With a sense of purpose I had just then found
You gotta run real far before you ever feel close to home

You know I'm not there yet
Been working myself into a lonely state
You know I'm not there yet
Been breaking my back to find another way
And it's been a long time coming
I deserve to take a holiday

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