These days I feel like
I'm watching a movie
With subtitles only I can't read the words
You do your best to make sure
I understand you
But these foreign topics always seem so absurd
And more and more I find I don't get the meaning
But I do appreciate your likeable appeal
You say you're trying to drive us
In the right direction
But I get the feeling you're falling asleep At the wheel
So don't say that you will
When you know that you won't
Don't say that you do
When you know that you don't
Cause the more that you give
Well the less that I get
And the more that we share
Is the more I regret

I don't have much to believe in
That's why I'm always counting on you
I don't have much to believe in
But if I did you know I'd be
Doing it for you

And these days it feels like
I'm talking to no one
It's cause I'm usually not
You keep pushing
For a brand new beginning
But you can't release me
When I haven't been caught
You keep saying that I'm just
Getting stranger
That you don't even know
What I stand for these days
I'd like to say
"Don't worry we'll get through it"
But I get the feeling that this isn't just a phase
So don't tell me to yell
When you want me to whisper
Don't spin the bottle
If you don't want to kiss her
Cause the closer we get
Well the further I feel
And the less that we fake
Well the more that seems real

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