You papa's worried about you
Your ship is sinking
Love is on the rocks
And you ain't thinking too clearly

Your knight in shining armor
Has double crossed you
Girl you need a hand
Save you from going under

Those silver tongue devils whisper in your ear
They only tell you what they think you want to hear

I've got the very thing that you've been missing
The kind of man you need, ain't into kiss and telling
Cause when it comes to love I'm confessing, baby

I wrote the book about it here in black and white
I wrote the book about it, I lived every line
I wrote the book about it, I wrote the book about it
I wrote the book about the look that's in your eyes
I wrote the book ... of love

So you've been brokenhearted
This ain't no funeral
Lose the heavy baggage
And close the door behind you

Blow out your birthday candles
Put on your finest
Dance with me forever
We'll paint the town by numbers

I'm in no hurry I'll take you real slow
All the way to heaven or somnewhere real close

B section

Turn to page ninety-nine
a happy ending after all this time
You know how i know?

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