Sittin there with your mother's tears
And your wonder why painted on your face
Like you didn't see it coming
You didn't hear the train

I just can't sweat another day
With both of us afraid to say the words
Weighing on our conscience
Hanging in the balance

Yeah we were beautiful
Once upon a time and a few laughs ago
You stole my eyes, i was gold in yours
Forever is not for sure

What have we got
Where are we now
Yeah, where does it
Go from here
Do we rescue the spark
Fall back in love
We were eternal
But if we can't, if this is it
And our last dance
Let's get it over with

The trouble with you is the trouble with me
We double speak insecurity
And keep on second guessing
But can't guess the ending

Yeah it was easier
To keep a little distance, hide behind a smile
There were signs turning off and on
Now the lines are drawn

There's something missing, i am torn
There's a part of me that wishes for something more
I'm no magician, i can't read your heart
It's your decision, love me or love me not

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