I lie awake thinking all night long
Don't know if I'm right or wrong
Can't help the way I feel
But to you it's no big deal

It's plain to see you're avoiding me
Locked the door, took away the key
Left me out anticipating
I would leave but I've been waiting

All I want is one more time
One more time

Maybe you can see it my way
Baby listen to what I say
In my mind I have no doubt
All we've go to do is work it out

I'm hoping you won't let me down
We'll make it up this time around
Don't close the door on me again
Open up and leat me in

All I want is one more time...

Give it up all night long
Chew me up and spit me out
You're not so tough, you're not that kind
Take me up one more time

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