There goes the neighborhood

Pull up the flamingoes
Daddy won big at the bingo table
Time to break out the pint
Of Black Label
The lord works at
Mysterious ways

Take down the velvets
Of Jesus and Elvis
I see a happy ending
Somewhere on road to Vegas

The wheel of fortune is turning
And there's no turning back
Let's get while no one's looking
Saddle up the Cadillac

We burn our bridges out in California
We never got a star in Hollywood
Now here we are
Living right next door to you
There goes the neighborhood

Pulling in to paradise
With Hula Dolls and Dashboard Dices
With the barbecue on
The future looks bright
The Lord works at
Mysterious ways

Come on like a blind date
All teeth and handshakes
If all else fails
We'll put the peddle to the metal
And follow empties on the highway
Like Hansel and Gretel

The wheel of fortune is turning
We'll all be kicking back
Let's get while the Getting's Golden
Find another sugar shack

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