I don't know where you are anymore
There's a theory that I have
You left me for imperfections
And the inability to be on my own

The vultures have picked my body clean
It's a miracle to me that I still
Have the skin to believe you
But you always get a second chance to play God

Where are you? When I fall out of the sky?
Where are you? And why am I denied?
Where are you? With dove in hand?
Am I damned if I come undone?
Where are you? Ah...


So I'm not your angel anymore
Is it easier to lessen
The weight of the world on your shoulder?
Than to understand the undertow that holds me down

Were you looking when I clawed my way out?
Was it my imagination
Or were you behind the curtain?
The one that's pulling all the strings... all the


My hipocrisy gets the best of me
And my head is full of you


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