She flicks lit cigarettes
Burning holes in her clothes
Just like some fucked up version of Marylyn Monroe
Did daddy not love you? Did mommy not care enough?
There’s a million stories most are untrue
She’s says the name of my band is her next tattoo
Live fast, die beautiful!
Turn and walk away I know all your games
Just give it up cause your time is over
Threw it all away just to make a name
Girl, your gettin nowhere, tryin' to use my fame
She’s got those Hollywood dreams
But these streets are tough
She is the queen of obscene
Everything is never enough
God, you disgust me, with your sad pathetic ways
I must be dreamin
Cause everything I see here is fake
Live fast, die beautiful
If you can roll the dice
Baby, don’t think twice
It’s only rock n’ roll
Live fast and die beautiful

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