I heard you're feeling kinda lonely
I heard that love has let you down
I know he left you for another
The word is spreading all around

But don't turn off the phone
Don't sit there alone
Like you're on a dead end street
Just pay him no mind
And in record time
You're gonna be on your feet

Come on girl, lift your head, don't be sad
It's gonna get better
He's not worth all the tears you have cried
It's gonna be fine
Come on girl, lift your head, ain't so bad
It's gonna get better
Cos life will turn around

Maybe you feel like something's missing now
And you just don't know what to do
He never cared, he never listened
He wasn't good enough for you

If he's still on your mind
You're wasting your time
There are better things going on
So just get out of bed
And stare straight ahead
You're better off on your own


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