I-i-iced out the crown and flooded the frank muller

You wanna take me out..well it ain't easy
Iss e.v.e hoe you can't see me
I'm the king and you can't deny me
Iss t.i.p niggaz bet' not try me
B-b bitches trynna act slow m- mad about my cash flow
B-bitches trynna act slow m-mad about my cash
I-i-iced out the crown ice-iced out the crown
I-i-iced out the crown and flooded the frank muller

Hey-hey i'm talkin' packs out the back do, standin' ova black stoves
Cook it till it bubble double even when it trap slow
Rizzle got a couple what the fuck i wanna rap fo
What you think i'm strapped fo what i gotta scrap fo
Had my son make em' wonder if i'm a asshole cocaine veins herion hard and crack flow
I'm filthy rich i don't get time to relax though
Unless i'm in a phantom wit the automatic back do
Triple black filled wit hispanic and black hoes
On a back road got em' blowin' like satch mo
You can ask dro if young pimpin'll let the make go
And even mac know i ain't far from puffy and shaq though


Yo yo yo,i'm talkin bitches trynna act slow mad about my cash flow
Niggaz hear my shit they throw ya recordz in the trash yo'
Gave a good effort you ain't neva gonna last though
Swizzle t.i.p and me this a fuckin' smash oh..
I hear them whisperin' i see they got they eyes wide
Like she back again and they trynna act surprised why
When you ever thought that this chick wuz juss gon' give it up
My life style lavish i get it so i can live it up
Pop the bottles drop-drop the top on em' fly all my life
Fuck fame thass what i got on em'
Man i keep em' sick they like it juss can't be
Why can't i keep it up and simple bitch you can't be me


Hey, instead of hatin' 'cause you ain't me
I figured you did thank me
For doin' what you didnt and bein' everything you can't be
Represent the a'z and still spittin like a yankee
Ball hard enough to make a hater wanna shank me
Iced out the crown and flooded the franck muller
I'm lightin up ya' town you all should thank my jeweler
I told'em listen madam you ain't thinkin this is peculiar
But i don't want nan if i can't have the two of ya

Yo you can act crazy thinkin iss a game
But iss too clear gimmicks in ya lane
Tricks iss ova this is my year
Hate to say my name out ya mouth but you have too
No other chick is out there fly enuff you can attach to
Man they love to hate damn they can't escape me
Floatin in a mansion on the ocean can't take me
Sick 'cause she came back hotter then before
It wuz time for her thanks for fillin' in now be gone


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