Suzie had record she was keeping clean
We would drive around in her sex machine
On a saturday, "hey, what does that mean?"
Written on a wall somewhere:
"don't forget to dream"

Don't forget to dream

We stepped out and bought some magazines
Things aren't always what they be to seem
We got pulled over for nothing i could see
Written on the hood of that cop car:
"don't forget to dream"

Tell me what that means
In a magazine
Don't forget to dream

I turned my headlights on for you
I really wanna talk to you
'cause i'm afraid you might forget to dream

Tell me what that means
Join the rock n roll team
Don't forget to dream

I can't wait any longer dear
We really should get out of here
'cause i believe we might forget to

Dream don't you forget to dream
What does it mean to dream?
Don't you forget to dream

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