Walking through the streets
I see innocent faces in the crowd
They hide the truth
That it is nailed in their souls
And i hate
Those people that try to bring me down
And i hate
All those false martyrs
And i hate
Those people that look at themselves
And i hate
Falsehood that surrounds me

Why is so hard to have support at this time
The ground seems to be open under my feet
No extend hand, cold and distant glances
Walking through the darkness, i don´t find exit

Why do you say
Some things that are not for anything ?
And even so
Those words have a bad effect in my mind

I seek for an ignored force inside of me
I resisted all those selfish people
But before, i raise
I will look in their eyes
And nothing will be said…

…because no word will need to be expressed
And they will notice
The force that was nailed in my soul

You said
Things that were not for anything
But even so
Those words didn´t mean anything for me

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