i'm tired of being me,
and i don't like what i see,
i'm not who i appear to be
so i start off every day,
down on my knees i will pray,
for a change in any way
but as the day goes by,
i live through another lie,
if it's any wonder why

am i ever gonna change
will i always stay the same
if i say one thing,
then i do the other
it's the same old song,
that goes on forever
am i ever gonna change
i'm the only one to blame
when i think i'm right,
i wind up wrong
it's a futile fight,
gone on too long

please tell me if it's true,
am i too old to start anew,
cause that's what i want to do
but time and time again,
when i think i can,
i fall short in the end
so why do i even try,
will it matter when i die,
can anyone hear my cry?

am i ever gonna change
take it day by day
my will is weak
and my flesh too strong
this peace i seek
till thy kingdom comes

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