White clouds are flying
Vanishing - dying
Beauty is fading
But not for my love

First time I saw you
My live - it started
Your eyes were shining
Burning and lighting up my life

You were my little angel
I watched you dancing through your life
But death then catched you
Sucking the life out of my light

(So) I took my little angel
And changed her red blood into whit
e Gave her eyes so hollow
Never again she'll have to cry

Just little changes
And you stayed in my life
In eternal beauty
Though sad and so cold

No (hot) beating body
Death's a cold lover
Bur my love will save us
Giving us warmth all though the night


Who asks for nature?
Who longs for heaven?
Who needs salvation?
Who cares about hell?

No hot embrace you give to me
But though you're with me
If hell is the price
I will gladly pay


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