No matter how u try, i'll leave u cut 2 bleed
Until the day i die, i'll save my soul 4 me
Well it's ( been a long time ) since i was shattered
( such a long time ) so come up here & kiss me goodbye
I guess all u can do is trip on this cool attitude

I got your number, still in my mind
I got your picture, aint got much time
No reservations on what were doin' 2nite

Every single minute, u know that i'm
Lookin' 4 a lover
Every single minute, i'm lookin' 4 the lover in u
(lookin 4 the lover) 4 the lover in me

Bleak leather paradise can only mean 1 thing
There's hunger in your eyes, i guess we both agree

Well it's ( been a long time ) about 7 hours
( such a long time ) let's say it's been a slow day
So y don't we say we let the games begin

No retribution, here in my mind
No constitution, aint got much time
No reservations, oh girl r with us 2nite


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