Yo, i'ma mothafuckin ghetto superstar nigga...

Right now you can lie and gossip too but later on be the guy who the
mobs look to and right now you can try and prosecute but later on
you gon' die in the hospital
I'm the guy that's responsible the 9 is impossible you ever had
Mitchel and Ness tryin to sponser you? you gon' die like the mobsters
do actin like gangstas and like Denzel y'all should get Oscars too calm
the guys in your hostile crew before they get holes in they face the
size of they nostriles too Street Family abide by the mobsta rules visors
and Osgood shoes that's not on the block yet fools you could tell i'm
fly by my postre boo i get into the thighs of a prostitute then buy her
a popsicle that's why i hear lots of ooohs
They ain't never seen a ghetto superstar like me
Uh, i'll show you how to do this young'n i ain't frontin these Jordans
ain't comin make the silencer say somthin go head keep the complants
comin nigga

Paul Kain:
Yo, a hustle's a hustle from ghetto to ghetto 4.6 Rang Rover nigga either
yellow or metal
Muffle wit muzzle for hit movement i'ma stop ya blood flow if you try
to stop my shit movement i'll be on strips doin my grinding brick moving
for the cross or my thick cuban
In a town in the south in the spot for a pound and a couch or four thou
on an ounce
All it takes is a quarter a brick and a half a pound of dro gets your grind
game in order to pitch
Faggot crakin the weed up flip dat pop a dice game and catch a jinx and
put it back wit the read up
That's grindin 4 4 tucked in the linin get low when them hot ones flyin
come at me wrong you dyin no lyin
Dog you not famil

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