[Intro: Fabolous Talking]
You see, what I can't understand
Is how somebody have a life-time friend
Who they've been through thick and thin with
And they just fall out over the simplest shit, man
But that same person will be in a relationship with a triflin ass mo'fucka
But they keep taking them back!
Shit is crazy...

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
The Karma of fucking over a good person
Is the asshole you end up with
Get a taste of your own medicine
Funny, you the one who end up sick
Always took you back, even though it made my friends upset
Told me I should blow you off, haven’t got that wind up, yet
Know how many days I’ve hurt, many nights I’ve been up stressed
Thought that we had been in love, maybe I’ve just been obsessed
When you crossed me, you lost me
Now if I was guarding Derrick Rose
I would be more understanding but you ain't Derrick Rose
You was my number one, but uuuhmm, you ain't Derrick Rose
You try to make a point again, you ain’t Derrick Rose
You just on some bullshit, bitch, you ain’t Derrick Rose
I’m a lover and a fighter, fight for what I love
But you made something of, bitches I think nothing of
Ask myself why I fight when it’s long been over
God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers
So I fight for us, as long as there is reason to
You wanted to give up on us as long as there is season two
Cool, you’re gonna need me one day
And if it’s Sunday, that one day gonna be Monday
That’s how fast things change sometimes
Niggas play the tough role, I Ving Rhames sometimes
Like, like, like I don't want that bitch back
I mean, I want her, but I don’t want the bitch back
She said she want him, but she don’t want that nigga back
That nigga act like I ain’t have a nigga back

You’re gonna need me someday
You’re gonna want me back in your heart

[Pre-verse: Joe Budden speaking]
So much pain in this sample
So much pain in some of our hearts
I just want a pain-free heart
I don't ask for much
Fab, what's good though
Let's talk to her...

[Verse 2: Joe Budden]
Let me start wtih with ‘I love you’ , I think that we have the power to grow
Woulda gave up, but it ain’t no coward in Joe
Funny thing about it all is you checked my Twitter every hour or so
And then you bring this fake shit to our reality show
Been however many years looking for devotion, it’s weird
Your feelings but I put them into motion
I Dictate the what’s and why’s, the how and when
You ain’t learn to separate your now from then
I keep my distance, ‘cause when I’m near, my head is hurting
Exhausted every road to friendship, but its never working
Me, I met the sweetest girl, you know ya'll met in person
Bottom line, I made you then made a better version
I tried to give you good advice, but you ain’t heed it
Must’ve figured you ain’t need it, but all I can do is seed it
Told you you’re gonna fuck around and end up sick
You chose dick from this nigga off the New York Knicks
My Nig...you’re so spiteful, that ain’t the way we act
That cock was inserted in you, how could it pay me back?
I know you said when we were over you'd start aiming bigger
But you can’t have anonymity with famous niggas
I know you’re thinking my happiness is a front
How would you ever know? Happiness is what you wanted
So unidentifiable when that armor never let up
You fucked me real good, but karma fucked you better

You’re gonna need me one day
You’re gonna want me back in your heart

[Teyana Taylor]
You never miss a good thing till it leave you
Finally I realize I don’t need you
You want me back, you know you’re gonna need me back
Gotta have me back, yeah
Heartbroken when you left my world
Boy, you know you should’ve kept this girl, I was there for you
Now I don’t know what you gonna do without me, baby
That was the last thing I said to you
I notice you know its dead end with you

You’re gonna want me back, you’re gonna want me back
You’re gonna want me back
You’re gonna need me one day
You’re gonna want me back in your heart

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