Oooo oooo
Oooo oooo

you wassup girl
aint gotta ask it
i get along now
hop outta caskets
they should arrest you
or whoever blessed you
aint tryna stress you
but ima letchu kno girl
you be killen em x4

Uh uh ohh
yu aint gotts worry bout er
shorty straight
i been chasin her for 2 days
first 48
A bad bitch cost
she worth every cent
she look like the best money i ever spent
jus watchin my cutiepie gettin besutyfied
make me want better jewels a newer ride
louis vuitton shoes
she got too much pride
her feet killin her
i call it shoeicide
lookin good has its sacrifices
chilly weather bring 4 figure jacket prices
her body nice
face dime
give you dat iphone4 face time
shorty in da streets
still handle the home
enough class for wine
styll handle patron
when them other girls call i hand her the phone
n she hand em the tone

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