Across the valley
And a chill that stings the air
A message on the wind
We take our rest and pray

At sunrise
We charge as one
Bursting from the page of lore
And strike like shadows
From the depths of the night... free the legion souls

The walled city ablaze
Advance and take more ground
Engage and neutralize
As a black cloud fills the sky

We move like whispers
As the cage is opened wide
The slow procession of the frail and the weak... to claim their stolen lives

In the fires on the distant horizon
I close my eyes
And see

In the cries of the frightened and wounded
Removed from all distraction
I hear

In the moment of the changing of seasons
The earth breathes soft and warm
I feel

In the service of the meek and the voiceless
Bound by honor, blood and bone
I am

...And the center cannot hold...

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