It's getting late
I know that you're in your bed
And as much as I would like to join you,
I'll be staying home instead

If only for a token display,
I would like to keep my conscience clean
But am I righteous as I say?

My glasses crack when you're around
My alter ego gets in the way
Don't want to look through broken eyes
Because I...

Sometimes I hear
a whisper when you mention my name
And I'd swear it was an invitation
and I don't know if I can behave

I know you're as perverted as me,
therefore you and I should not be left alone
My temptation is my enemy

I may have lost some of my purity,
but I refuse to relinquish my nobility
The ice in my veins has yet to overcome my blood
So just continue staring at me
and I will surely freeze up

Keep me outside and I'll patrol your backyard
with my moral straightjacket
Kiss me one time and I'll bury myself
with my suit of armor

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