Loose lips and poker chips
If you're gonna talk speakeasy to me
Trash Can Louie knows the secret word
For a shiny dime he'll give it to me
They pay the fuzz and rub the judge
Grease the local D.A.
It's down at the end of lonely street
Where Ruby's doves give it away

And behind the two-way mirrors
Cheap and nasty, nasty girls
Threads just disappear

Madam Ruby's love boutique
A sex shop Mon Cheri
What this boy calls fun others call obscene
Madam Ruby's love boutique
Cheeks as smooth as crepe de chine
At Madam Ruby's love boutique

A snap-on diva from across the room
Blows a little kiss to me
You can smell the magic of that bone dragon
Swinging her hips over to me
Up the stairs and down the hall
To love room number five
Put your token in her vibrating box
And watch Sadie come, come alive

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