Baby, baby why won't you let me be
You're a major pain in the ass
And I don't need the hassle can't ya see
Please I need some peace of mind
That I was hoping I would find
But you just kept a buggin
'Til I was crawlin under the rug and baby
Stressin, jump back baby back away

Get off my back you monkey
You got my nerves jumping like a junkie today
Get it, hit it

Poison ivy you come creepin up right behind me
You make me itch, baby you're so unkind
Poison, baby you're like poison ivy
You make me itch and I'm all out of Calomine

So this is how you get your kicks
Lickin up everything after me
Baby, don't pet my dog
And certainly don't mess with my birds or my bees
Jesus, I got a Peeping Tom
And I was hoping she was gone
But she just kept a knockin
'Til I was crawling under a rock and baby
Stressin, jump back baby back away

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