Shame, up 'til today I was doin fine
In the mailbox was a letter from a girl I left behind
And now she's back in town to stay
Well, a long time ago she took my sanity
Came all the way from Memphis to live next door to me
Besides the pain it's driving me insane

There's no way I can make her understand
And I found out why, it's hidden behind her pants

She's got my name, she's got my name
Tattooed on the backside of her frame
And there ain't no way you'll ever put your ring on me

Diggin in my garbage for a piece of me
All she found were dirty rubbers and a beat up pair of jeans
Mentally she's not all there
What should I do or where should I go
Should I find a little cabin up in Boise, Idaho
And hibernate 'til that strange lame dame goes away

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