Yesterday don't seem so far away.
When I'm dreamin' about cha
Tomorrows sun used to shine so bright,
When you were mine
Sometimes I don't want to live,
Another day without you
So I keep on trying to find,
My way back home
But this road just leads on back,
To where we started
So I'd better be on my way now,
So I'd better be on my way now
I want to be the one you dream about,
I want to be your everything
My certainty will never, never die;
You're the only one for me
We must not forget the children that will follow
The same road that we have paved
Our greed has crippled our willingness to love
Once a caring man must be shot down
We have all built a culture, Where all is wasted, and nothing is saved
Teach them that our domination meant our own destruction
Teach them not to be deceived when given choices that confirm this greed
Together we can overcome this poisoned culture,
And start again
No one should have to struggle to live their lives
If we are all created Free Men
Our self authoritative misguided rule gives us the right to remain silent
And warns us that anything we say or do can and will be used against us
My hands are tied now, I cannot be silent in the face of the man
That denies me, the right to be free
Fuck You

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