Year of the slave
Bow to your masters
Year of the slave
The year that never ends
Their servants 'til the end

It's always been, will always be...
To gain control over the world

Witness society in decline
Standards of living falling downward over time
With generations looking back in disdain
The neverending year... year of the slave

What you've built so easily is taken away
And for the sins of our masters we're forced to pay
To keep us deaf, dumb, and blind so we can't see the chains
Or know that none are more hopelessly enslaved

With every threat, ever panic they create
When every weapon is at their beck and call
To bring about conditions of despair
So they emerge the rulers of us all

It's been their goal
The plan unfolds
To seize control
No one is safe

Sparing no expense
A one world government
By conquest or consent
We all will pay

In this... year of the slave
The neverending... year of the slave

None are more hopelessly enslaved
Than those who falsely believe that they are free

Kept in perpetual debt... year of the slave
Through hiddens forms of theft... year of the slave
The transfer of wealth... year of the slave
Forever in the year... year of the slave

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