How can we live life without ever questioning?
When knowledge gives you power and the truth will set you free

How can we accept this world of inhumanity
And turn our backs to the injustice between what is and what could be

We can turn our backs and turn the other cheek
We can cover our eyes but we all...
We all have blood on our hands
We all have blood flowing on our hands
We will always have blood on our hands
We have their blood flowing our hands

But we can make this stop

So many people suffering
So many forced to live in misery
And someday they will hit the streets
For justice, screaming...
Off with their heads

The people crying out...
Off with their heads
To all their leaders...
To all the criminals...
The people crying out...
Off their heads

And that day is drawing near
So many are suffering, living in misery
But we can make this end

If we accept the possibility
And make a change within
And make steps to move
Towards what could be from what is

And we accept responsibility
Because if we choose to remain silent
We give the no reason to stop

For too long...
We've got to bring this to an end
No more...
We must reserve this downward trend

Too long!
It's not too late to make a stand
No more!
If we remain silent...

We all have blood on our hands

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