I'll steal a soul for a second chance,
But you will never become a man,
My chosen mojo makes me stronger,
In a life that craves the hunger,
Fade away, a quest for life,
Until the end, the judgement nighs.

Steppin' forth the cure for a soul's demise,
Reap the tears of the victim's cries,
Yearning more to keep the suffer of a,
Rougher demon as a put it under,
Kill before a time, but kill them all,
Pass down the righteous law,
Serving justice that dwells in me,
Lifeless corpses as far as the eye can see.
The Eye Can See.
The Eye Can See.
The Eye Can See.

We are falling,
The night is calling,
Tears inside me,
Coming Down.

Bless me with a,
Leaf off of a tree,
On it I see,

The power's perfect to end the madness/ We are Falling
Upon a chain to end the savage/ The night is calling
The blaze of wrath, the truth of meaning/ Tears inside me
True my father, the blood is bleeding/ Coming down

A just trade for all to feel/ Midnight dawning
with innocent cries and victory squeals/ Here softly sobbing
The goal before us seems to satisfy/ Ground
Wich way to make them pacified/ your relief.

A just intention makes me stronger/ Bless me with a,
If life that craves the harder/ Leaf off of a Tree,
I fade away, a quest for life/ On it, I see,
Until the end, the judgement nighs./ Love-Freedom-Rain,

Watch the footsteps but never follow/ Grace to my father,
If you want to live tomorrow/ Blessed by the water,
Steal a soul for a second chance/ Black night, star sky,
But you will never become a man/ the Devil's cry.

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